As of 30 September 2014, there are 603 children in detention on the Australian mainland and Christmas Island.

186 children are detained on Nauru. They will never be resettled in Australia, even if found to be refugees. 

Australia is the only Refugee Convention signatory to have a policy of mandatory, indefinite detention for asylum seekers. 

This beautiful clip was made for us (for free!) by the terrific Moustache Films team. Please watch and share because ALL children have rights.

ChilOut is a proud partner of the Australian Coalition to End Immigration Detention of Children. Together we hosted a public action in the Sydney CBD from June 11-15. We commissioned award winning artist, Agency of Sculpture to create the  'cage' installation.

Inside this 'cage' are dolls symobilsing the children locked up by our Government. We are asking the public to come and 'free a child' - an action that involves entering the cage, removing the doll's ID card -  which is a letter to Federal MP's (and Immigration Minister). People have been engaging with the issue in a direct and positive way. 

Gallery of pics and heaps of other info on


We've deisgned a kit so you can host this action DIY style. Check list, template press release, FAQ, pdf's of the posters, flyers and the action card are all available for you here. You can do this action on any budget on any scale and at any time / location that suits. 


  • Opposed to the indefinite, mandatory detention of children.
  • Opposed to offshore detention and 'resettlement' in PNG or Nauru.
  • Opposed to the use of remote locations of detention for families and children for any length of time.
  • In favour of an independent guardian for unaccompanied children seeking asylum in Australia. The Minister with the power to detain children cannot also be the person appointed to act in their best interest.
  • Opposed to Temporary Protection Visas
  • Going to continue to operate until there is federal legislation to ensure no child is detained in an Australian immigration detention centre (or any such renamed facility) for more than 14 days.


A not-for-profit community group who seek to increase public awareness by providing accurate information showing what is happening to children inside Australia's immigration detention facilities. Our primary concern is the protection of children, that they are afforded their basic rights, freedom, healthcare, education and play. And that Australia does not have a hand in abusing and damaging children seeking our protection.

ChilOut is supported by John Connolly & Partners.