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Inside the immigration detention facilities in Darwin: : breeding grounds for mental illness Croakey, The Crikey Health Blog, 17 December 2013. Opinion piece by Professor Caroline deCosta who accompanied ChilOut on our visit of Darwin's so-called Alternative Places of Detention 

Asylum Policy of deterrence threatening families The Age, 15 November 2013 

Job ads describe quandry of caring for unaccompanied children on Nauru, ABC, 13 November 2013

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The Project  Campaign Manager Leila Druery on the plight of Australia's youngest immigration detainee and his family. Jan 2013

Born Free ABC News,  Jan 2013. Coverage of the campaign shedding light on a little boy born into immigration detention and the issue of indefinite detention of children and their families. 

Ranjiny's baby will be born into a life in a detention centre Mamamia piece, Leila Druery  Jan 2013

Detained refugee mother of two scheduled to give birth this Sunday Ranjini is a Sri Lankan woman who was found to be a genuine refugee, only to be given a negative secuirty assessment by ASIO mid last year and put into immigration detention, along with her two sons. Brisbane Line reporter Steven Riggall spoke to Leila Druery from Chilout about the event.

A letter to children spending the holidays in immigration detentionWritten by Bashir, a ChilOut Ambassador, formerly detained as an asylum seeker. Dec 2012

The plight of a family in immigration detention with two severely disabled childrenFrom inside detention, two mothers have spoken out about what they say is woefully inadequate medical support for their severely disabled children. Nov 2012

From high seas to HSC: a refugee success story ChilOut Ambassadors Bashir and Mohsin share their remarkable stories with Monique Schafter on ABC's 7:30 program. Nov 2012

Renewed fears for children in detention centres. A new report has revealed just how badly detention centres are affecting asylum seekers, especially children and impaired refugees. Darwin. Nov 2012

Kids Self-Harming in Detention. 9 Oct 2012. ChilOut founding member Dianne Hiles is quoted.

Australia's disgrace by Ollie Milman.

Rally: Nauru detention a 'black day' for human rights. Green Left Weekly, 15 Sept. Dianne Hiles was amoung prominant refugee advocates who rallied in Sydeny in a snap response to the first group of 40 asylum seekers flown to Nauru to be held indefinitly. 

We can't treat refugees as pawns in a political game The Punch, 20 July 2012. Dianne HIles opinion piece questions why we can't aim higher than using the vunerable position of asylum seeking children as tools for political gain. Dianne looks at issues of family reunion and a raft of possible solutions, not one quick slogan, to a set of complex issues.

Locking up children is not making us safer, The Punch 26 March 2012. Sophie Peer's opinion piece questions why Australia cannot live up to the best practice outlined in the International Detention Coalition's Report; Captured Childhood. If we're not locking up kids for the sake of national interest or because there's no other option.. then why are we doing it? 

Child detention should be outlawed, SBS TV 21 March 2012 Sophie Peer was among those interviewed at the Melbourne launch of the International Detention Coalition report, Captured Childhood

Seven year old girl in immigration detention 7 Feb 2012 As the youngest child in the Minister's 'care' is moved to her third detention centre in 9months, ChilOut's Sophie Peer speaks on ABC Radio. 

The Sad Writing's on the Wall. Sophie Peer in The Hoopla Jan 12, 2012. Local NT kids were turned away from Darwin Airport Lodge on Christmas Day because they tried to give apparently banned gifts of crayons and textas to those in detention. There is nothing 'alternative' about locking children in the Darwin Airport Lodge.

Take more asylum seekers to ensure fewer boats The Punch, 22 December 2011 Both major parties engage in spin and tough talk only 24hours after the tragic loss of life off the coast of Java. ChilOut gives some perspective and actual policy ideas. 

Five Ways to prevent more asylum seeker tragedies The Conversation, 22 December 2011. ChilOut Chair, Kate Gauthier is one of five prominent Australians asked to give their perspective on Australia's present asylum policies and practices. 
Christmas gifts for child asylum seekers SBS Radio, 23 November 2011 
ChilOut's Sophie Peer explains an alternative Christmas gift; donations that will result in an unaccompanied child in immigration detention receiving a present .  listen online
piece by ChilOut Chair, Kate Guathier. 
Doctors slam asylum-seeker age test The Australian, 6 October 2011
Top medical organisations have warned Immigration Minister Chris Bowen that using X-rays or genital examination to determine the age of crewmen from asylum-seeker boats is "unethical", "unreliable", "untrustworthy" and would be illegal in Britain.
The issue forms the basis of many submissions to the Senate, Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry of January 2012 regarding the Crimes Amendment (Fairness for Minors) Bill 2011
This Is Not A Kid-Friendly Policy  New Matilda, 19 May 2011
Just how many kids are still locked up? The clock is ticking on Chris Bowen's commitment to get kids out of immigration detention by June. NM reviews the ALP's broken promises on child asylum seekers Read online
Asylum children facing mental health crisis  The Australian, 16 February 2011
An epidemic of mental illness is developing among children incarcerated in immigration detention centres around Australia, with the numbers of underage detainees at a record and conditions worsening.  "The psychological state of all of them is poor (and) it's reaching boiling point," says Kate Gauthier, chairwoman of ChilOut, which is campaigning for the release of all minors from immigration detention. "It's a mental health crisis, not waiting to happen, but a mental health crisis that is happening."  Read online
Asylum policy debate: we're being conned The Drum Unleased, 17 January 2011 
Piece by ChilOut Chair, Kate Gauthier. Snappy sound grabs aimed at marginal seat voters have taken the place of well-considered policy proposals.  In short, we've all been conned into thinking there is an actual debate about asylum policy when it's really a political marketing campaign.
Big ideas: a sensible policy solution on asylum seekers
12/1/2011 By Kate Gauthier (The Punch)
The Labor Government has set itself up for failure by upholding the view that asylum seeking is a national security threat.