There are a host of agencies coordinating visits to detention facilities, providing material support to asylum seekers in the community, organising events, providing a welcome in so many ways. Here are just some of the many terrific organisations you could get involved with in your area...

Asylum Seekers Centre, Sydney 

ASRC. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Melbourne 

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group

CARAD, Perth 

DASSAN, Darwin

Hills Circle of Friends, Adelaide

House of Welcome 

Immigration, Advice and Rights Centre Inc

RACS, Refugee Advice and Casework Service, Sydney

Red Cross 

Rural Australians for Refugees


Tasmanian Asylum Seeker Support 

Various QLD networks 

Villawood Vollies

Welcome to Australia

ChilOut doesn't coordinate visits to detention centres but any Australian has the right to visit any centre. We are working on getting some clear and consistent guidelines from DIAC and Serco (the company who manages Australia's centres). 

The terrific team at DASSAN (Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocay Network) have put together a visitors pack which is well worth a read.

For anyone in Darwin, DASSAN organises visits to centres there;

Sydney-siders should get in touch with Villawood Vollies