ChilOut November 2012 newsletter- ChilOut Christmas Appeal

ChilOut October 2012 newsletter-  A Plea from ChilOut - Help stop Live Export of Children!

ChilOut September 2012 newsletter - Pacific Solution Mark II: the most extraordinary backflip in recent Labor history - child attempted suicide - stats - Treehouse theatre - ChilOut Ambassadors go to Geneva.

ChilOut August 2012 newsletter- 591 children will spend tonight locked up. 

ChilOut July 2012 newsletter -  YOU can be part of the Expert Panel on asylum seekers. 

ChilOut June 2012 newsletter - Refugee Week 2012, events, ideas and more. Successful Ambassador visit to Canberra. Disappointing Federal Court decision, latest stats. 

ChilOut May 2012 newsletter - Debacle in visiting Leonora. ASIO free reign ruins more childrens' lives. 

ChilOut April 2012 newsletter - ChilOut receives a direct response in the media from Minister Bowen over kids in detention and Leonora in particular. Joint Parliamentary Committee hands down report on immigration detention, recommends kids be in metrpolitan locations. 

ChilOut March 2012 newsletter - ChilOut to travel 4,768km to visit detained children, international report, wrap up of visit to Minister Bowen 

ChilOut Feb 2012 newsletter - 9months, 3 detention centres for youngest child in Minister's "care". Send our Ambassadors to Canberra. DIAC claims children are 'not in detention'.

ChilOut Jan 2012 newsletter - Crayon gifts banned from Darwin detention facility on Christmas Day.  No news from Minister in the eight children he took from the community and put back in locked facilities. 

ChilOut Dec 2011 newsletter -  Our Hope not Soap campaign to get gifts to all unaccompanied minors in secure detention facilities. 4 year old not permitted in pre-school 'graduation' photo, despite parental consent. High Court rules in favour of family reunion for child refugees who have turned 18 whilst in Australia.