May 2014 -  ChilOut submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention

November 2013, ChilOut presented at the 13th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect Organisers noted and our presentation confirmed  that the issues affecting asylum seeker children in Australia today are health issues. They are not simply political game points, the issues are ones of abuse and neglect, the damage caused to children and family groups is deep, systemic and the impacts will be felt for generations.

April 2013 Parliamentary Committee, Public Works Inquiry into Infrastructure and upgrade works to establish a regional processing centre on Manus Island, PNG  This is the DIAC submission to the same Inquiry and an additional document they provided to the Committee. Following a public hearing on this issue which lasted less than 2 hours and invovled four DIAC witnesses and at which ChilOut's recommendations were misrepresented, we wrote this letter to the Committee and they provided this completely unsatsifactory and late response

15 August 2012 Joint NGO Letter to Prime Minister and others regarding proposed legislation 

July 2012  ChilOut Submission to the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers

July 2012 Joint NGO Submission to the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers

January 2012: Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Crimes Amendment (Fairness to Minors) Bill 2011

15 December 2011 Our letter to Minister Bowen regarding his decision to send children from community detention into locked, adult detention centres. 

November 2011: Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Deterring People Smuggling Bill 2011