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Therese Cochrane, President

Therese became ChilOut's Secretary in 2012 and President in 2014. Therese is a lawyer who has studied and worked in Australia and Europe. Her work in private practice and in-house has been in banking and finance. She has been interested in human rights since her university days and has participated in various organisations and campaigns over the years. She has degrees in economics and law and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Alain Rondot, Treasurer

Alain has been a supporter of ChilOut since 2001, when news of the plight of Shayan Badrai broke and the events of the Tampa unfolded. He has been a vocal advocate of refugee rights and for a fair treatment of all who come to our shores regardless of method of arrival. Alain was born in France and emigrated to Australia in 1991 following his computer science degree. Following a career in Management Consulting and IT, he is now a senior executive in financial services in Sydney.

Alison Harris, Secretary

Alison has been involved with ChilOut in some way or another since its inception. Alison studied Politics and French at the University of Sussex in the UK, emigrating to Australia in 1988 after many years of working in London in the field of Human Resources. She was a Board member of 'Friends of MS', an offshoot of the MS Society for many years. Alison has a partner and teenage son with whom she has travelled extensively and visited many of the countries from which asylum seeker children have fled.

Jessica Perini, Vice President

Jessica is a senior editor and a published writer specialising in the topics of refugees and the environment. She is also a permaculture designer and a historian. Jessica has been with ChilOut since 2003, has been a Board Member since 2010, and is our social media coordinator and Vice President. As founder of Permaculture for the People she has sourced scholarships, volunteer opportunities and work for asylum seekers within sustainable endeavours. Jessica has been a volunteer with the Asylum Seekers Centre in Sydney for over fifteen years.

Elizabeth Wilkins

Elizabeth is an experienced business strategist, change management consultant, business facilitator, corporate coach of CEOs and managers, corporate communications consultant and company director. Elizabeth is committed to advocating and working for the release of children in immigration detention and is resolute in the knowledge that incarceration of children causes life-time trauma and distress and should be outlawed. Having worked at Board and CEO level she brings to the ChilOut board business disciplines and systems to ensure ChilOut can undertake its important work efficiently and effectively. 

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