Personal Stories

Mohammad’s story

Mohammad was only ten years old when he came to Australia by boat without his parents. Currently, he is doing a double degree in Law and Business and has been a great advocate for children in detention over the past few years.


Najeeba’s story

Najeeba and her parents fled Afghanistan and travelled to Australia on a tiny fishing boat with 100 other people. Days later, the Australian Navy escorted them to safety but Najeeba and her family were in for a shock when they saw the barbed wire at Curtin Detention Centre. Life inside was tough.


Sarah’s story

Sarah didn’t spend any time in detention but fled Iraq and went to Jordan with her little sister and mother. They did not know whether her father was alive or not. It took seven years for their refugee status to be recognised and for the first two for those years her father was still in prison in Iraq.


Bashir’s story

Bashir Yousufi is an orphan who fled Afghanistan, leaving behind three younger brothers. He is now at university studying Accounting, and continues to have a strong passion and appreciation for the country that gave him refuge.



Shukufa’s story

Shukufa Tahiri, 22, is studying Law at the University of Western Sydney. She has come a long way since she arrived in Australia with her family in 2006.



Murthadha’s story

Murtadha Ebadi, a refugee from Iraq, has simple aspirations for his future in Australia – to maintain a steady job. Murtadha arrived in Australia in 2010 and now paints houses; a profession he picked up while living in Iran.



Monika Radulovic

Former Bosnian refugee and winner of Miss Universe Australia 2015, Monika Radulovic fled Bosnia Herzegovina in 1993 and arrived in 1994. Monika was just a toddler when she arrived in Australia.


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