Schools Speaking Program

ChilOut’s Schools Speaking Program allows students to hear about what life is like for a child in detention, meet former refugees and asylum seekers and engage in critical and reflective thinking.

ChilOut’s Youth Ambassadors are currently available to come and speak at your school in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. Our school program can be appropriately tailored to your school needs and your desired year group/s and numbers. The program allows students to critically think about the status of a child asylum seeker and they will begin to understand the journey of someone who has fled their country and risked their life to seek asylum. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of important ethical issues. They will also be encouraged to think about concepts of a “just world”, equality and basic human rights among other things. At ChilOut, we believe that young people are aware of their political, social and ethical surroundings. 

The Schools Speaking Program achieves this by sharing real stories, giving insight into the current refugee climate in Australia and de-bunking myths to students in a school-friendly manner and allows them to construct their own views and opinions about their surroundings. 

Make a Booking

To book a Youth Ambassador to speak at your school, email us at Please note for events of up to three hours, including travel time, our standard rate for our Youth Ambassadors to speak is $200. If this cost is prohibitive for a school, we are always happy to chat about what kind of cost is affordable.


What have others said about our schools speaking program?

“[Youth Ambassador]'s visit today was a profoundly important experience for our students. We will endeavour to ensure that they remember her words and the power that they have to make change.” (Deputy Principal, Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School, 2016).

“Wow! Your story left us speechless – much to consider, particularly the assumptions we who are born and raised in Australia hold. The facts, terminology and places of names became real.” (Leader, Soul Survivor Conference, 2016).

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