The Program

ChilOut's Youth Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for young people around Australia to be part of the fight for releasing children from immigration detention and for them to contribute to creating a more just and peaceful world. As part of this program, young former refugees and Australian people participate in activities in the Australian community to raise awareness about children in detention. Their stories and activities carry the message that keeping children in detention centres causes serious harm, and these effects often continue well after the child has been released. The aim of the Youth Ambassadors Program is to empower young people to raise their voices and work towards ensuring that no children are held in detention, and that all children are given the rights to which they are entitled.

ChilOut's Youth Ambassadors are available to speak at events and conferences, subject to their availability. In some circumstances, Youth Ambassadors from past programs may also be available. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an event, please contact or phone and visit our Schools Speaking Program page for more general information.


'What do you see?' Poem by 2016 Youth Ambassador, Gulnaz Beg:

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